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Photo Links and Reviews

BCHS Class of '74 - 40th Reunion 2014

Live it Again!
Or - Given Our Advancing Years - Live it Like it's the First Time!

Photo Links:

Rebeccah Maskin's Photos (plus a few by Rook)

Barb Hakim's Photos

Glen Grossman's Photos

The Reviews Are In!!!!

"What a party is right. I don't think it could have been any more perfect.
Thanks for all your enthusiasm."
Suzie Schoonmaker
"I am so glad I attended and now really miss all you guys. 
My life wouldn't be the same today if not for everyone I grew up with - but - has also been changed by the events of this past weekend."
Patti Brockley
"I had so much fun!!! My perma-grin still hurts. Thank you thank you!!!!"
Mandy Jones
"It was no problem doing the reunion, I had a great time!"
Rebeccah Maskin
"Who are all these old people and why do they look like the parents of my high school friends?"
David Rook
"[I]t was great to get re-connected with so many.  ... [I]t was bordering on the surreal; I'm still trying to process the re-emergence of all those faces from the long-ago past!"
Jeff Howard
"It was a great weekend. Thanks so much for all of the energy you put into it."
Tom Gilbert
"All the hard work really did show,  and was appreicated by all as it
provided ample opportunity to get in touch with "lost mates".   Well
maybe not "lost",  and perhaps not "mates"  ....but you get my drift !"
Bob Rooney
"It was great seeing the old gang. It was a very nice affair. You folks out did yourselves!"
Bob Eliot
"I just wanted to let you know what a great job you and the ohters did putting together our 30th Reunion. I had not been back to Delmar since I graduated from college and the event made it a truly great trip."
Rick Howton
"It was a great time and such confirmation of the quality people that we were fortunate to have gone to school with for all of those years. People's connections to each other seem more important now than ever before."
Kathy Meany
"Being with people that I knew 30 years ago was the greatest feeling.  I haven’t smiled so much in so long!!  Just look at the photos – everyone was smiling and had a great time!"
Sandy Pittz Weigand
"I hope the fun and energy from this reunion will
inspire us to keep this going in later years."
Karen Randles
"It was a blast!"
Terry Tipple
"Tolls to get from Boston to Albany;               $4.15
Flowers for mom to watch my dog;                $12.00
Raffle Tickets to win three prizes in a row; $20.00
Our 30 year BCHS class reunion and the friends who made
it happen...
Thanks for the fun, fun, fun~"
Barb Hakim