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Missing Persons

BCHS Class of '74 - 40th Reunion 2014

List of People We Have Not Been Able to Locate

Despite a minimum of effort, we do not have a mailing address and/or email for any of these people.  There will be more people added to the list.  Some of the mailing addresses we have are pretty shaky.

If you have information about a person on this list, let us know or at least let them know.
If you are on this list, please do not take offense that we did not find you or look hard enough - just let us know where you are.

A * indictates the person is registered on but has not checked in with the Class of '74 Reunion.

Bassani, Rita

Blaisdell, Melanie

Bloodgood, George

Boykin, David

Brown, Skye Joslin

Carlson, Lynn S.

Catalano (Connelly), Nancy Ann

Clark, Mike

Coleman, Glen

Comyns, Tina L.

Conklin, Denton

Conley (Carcich), Jessica L.

Craig, Daniel H.

Crisafulli, Joseph

DeLisle, Cynthia A.

Demarest, Cynthia M.

Dilorenzo, Peter

Dolid, Karen E.

Dowling (Shapiro), Karen K.

Duane, Deborah A.

Duncan, Robin M.

Ellsworth, Scott S.

Felice, Michelle A.

Fink, Vincent

Fisher, Mark

Foot, John

Fritts, Charles J.

Gaudette (Sullivan), Diane

Gilleland, Bryan L.

Glasser, Emily

Glisson (Harrington), Elizabeth A.

Grand, Earl H.*

Grunberg, Julia J.

Haeger, Walter

Healey, Thomas E.

Herr (Houck), Carolyn D.

Hook (Ward), Gayle C. (your email failed - no snail mail address)

Hotchin, Jennifer A.

Hughes, James P.

Iandoli, Patricia E.

Jamison, Gifford A.

Johnston, Robert G.

Kaplan, Samuel

Lambert, MatthewR.

Latter, Debra

LeCakes, Michelle

Lindskoog, Wendy

Lucci, Martha

MacDormand, Kenneth A.

Marr, Bob

McKinley, Elizabeth P. (Liza)

McLean (Murtagh), Laura

Millspaugh (Grell), Lynn M.

Miner, Marty J.

Molloy (King), Kathleen F.

Nelson, Todd

O'Connor (Evans), Nancy

Peeney, David

Pendleton, Susan J.

Pratt, Cheryl A.*

Pratt, Marilyn M.

Reeves, Maureen A.

Reid, Nancy

Reilly, Kathy

Roberts, Scott D.*

Rutnik, Margaret M.

Schutz, Albert

Sill, Francis

Smart (Clark), Debra L.*

Smith (Palmer), Marilyn

Sorotkin, Steve

Talbot, Pamela A.

Taylor, Cynthia L.

Taylor, John

Weyland, Michele M.

Winn, Gregory M.

Yungman (O'Connor), Barbara

Zator, Gregory (George)