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Carving Tribute

BCHS Class of '74 - 40th Reunion 2014

A Carving Tribute in Cayuga Park to Jo-Carol

"The gardener Demi at Jo's beloved Cayuga Park has created a sculpture for Jo.  Photographs are attached.


Below is a quote from Demi about his process......"




"The gardens are beautiful with all the blooming flowers and amongst the prettiest setting is a carved tribute to Jo-Carol. I took time to listen to Demi talk about the wonderful person he was dedicating this carving to. He had only begun on the carving this morning...he had dreamt of Jo talking to him early in the morning and she was so beautiful and glorious to his eyes. Demi said "She talked to me and guided me the entire time I was working on her carving". As I was leaving he said he wished he could have the carving dipped in pure gold for her. You'll notice the microphone on the top and and her piano keyboard on the bottom.


Just wanted to share with everyone what a great hour I had in Cayuga Park today."